Aves Holdings services

Project Management

General Project Management
Transport Services-Cargo
Aircraft End of Life-Parts Harvesting
Aircraft Decommissioning

Asset Management

Aviation Consulting-Technical Representation
Client Representation
Organisation Start up Management-Aviation Training Organisation
Aircraft Maintenance Organisation
Air Operators Certificate

Compliance Management

Quality & Safety Management System-Quality & Safety Representatives
System Audits
Staff Training -Technical Type Rating Courses
General Technical Courses
Organisation Preparation- Civil Aviation Authorities approvals
Industry Certifying bodies i.e. ISO 9001


Parts Sales -Boeing,Airbus,Embraer,King Air, Cessna and DC9/MD80
Inventory Management-Parts Warehousing.

Continue Airworthiness Management

Aircraft Delivery and Re-delivery
Aircraft Maintenance Support Services
Aircraft Storage and Inspections
CAMO Support